POP to Provide E-voting System and Technical Support to “Referendum on Institutional Autonomy”Back


Press Release on February 16, 2016

The Public Opinion Programme (POP) of The University of Hong Kong has been actively promoting civil referendums since 1992, as an alternative channel for expressing public opinion and sentiment. Hitherto a total of 12 voting events have been completed, including two large scale territory-wide civil referendums in 2012 and 2014 mainly using e-voting. POP insists on its independence and autonomy in all these activities, and would collaborate with people and organizations of any background to conduct civil referendums on suitable issues, and to promote e-voting.

Such a channel is particularly important when the social system topples and social order disintegrates. The “Referendum on Institutional Autonomy” is the first ever staff voting jointly organized by the eight local institutions, it can be seen as the continuation of the “The University of Hong Kong Campus Voting” held in November last year. The referendum is initiated by staff representatives in different institutions, it will allow fellow staff members to deliberate and vote on two common motions on “institutional autonomy”. The name and the motions of the activity are decided by the organizers, while HKUPOP provides different levels of technical support to different institutions, including the provision of a voter registration system and some online opinion gathering platforms. Support for the HKU module of this referendum includes both on-site and off-site e-voting platforms, plus a physical voting station, whereas for the other institutions, due to resources constraints, POP will only provide limited technical support like voter registration and simple online platforms.

As usual, POP maintains a neutral position towards all voting motions, it would not provide any commentary on the results.

Media Enquiry:

Carmen Law Tel: 3917 7700
Karie Pang Tel: 3917 7788


Annex 1: Basic Information of “Referendum on Institutional Autonomy”


Date of voting

2016年3月21日至23日 (星期一至三)

21 – 23 March (Monday to Wednesday) 2016


Time of voting

每天6小時到站投票及12小時離站投票 (確實時間容後公布)

6 hrs on-site plus 12 hrs off-site voting per day (exact time to be announced)


Participating institutions

- 香港大學 (民研計劃提供電子登記及投票系統並負責票站運作)

HKU (POP provides e-registration & voting system, and responsible for the operation of on-site physical station)

- 香港城市大學、香港浸會大學、香港中文大學、香港教育學院、

香港理工大學、香港科技大學 (民研計劃提供電子登記系統及網上意見平台)

CityU, HKBU, CUHK, HKIEd, PolyU, HKUST (POP provides e-registration system and online opinion platform)

- 嶺南大學 (嶺南大學主理到站紙張投票)

LU (LU carries out on-site paper voting)




All full-time staff of the 8 local institutions, the authentication of voter identity and eligibility will be responsibilities of the initiating/supporting organizations




23 February (Tuesday) 2016, 12:00nn to 18 March (Friday) 2016, 12:00nn

模擬投票階段Mock voting


7 March (Monday) 2016, 12:00nn to 11 March (Friday) 2016, 12:00nn


Voting procedure


1) 教職員代表發出電郵邀請教職員作投票預先登記;

2) 教職員跟從電郵上指示到系統預先登記;

3) 教職員將收到系統發出之啟動電郵,跟從指示啟動戶口;

4) 於投票日離站投票開放時段到系統投票;

5) 每人只可離站投票一次,到站投票可蓋過離站投票的選票;

6) 如沒有收到邀請電郵,可到https://jointu.popvote.hk登記


1) 於實體票站出示職員證,票站主任核實身分後即場投票;

2) 每人只可到站投票一次

Off-site voting

1) Staff representatives to send emails to invite university staff to pre-register;

2) Staff to follow instructions in emails and pre-register at the system

3) Staff will receive an “activation” email from the system, follow the instruction to activate account;

4) Cast vote during the off-site voting period;

5) Each person can only cast one vote off-site, the vote cast on-site will override the vote cast off-site;

6) If any staff does not receive invitation email, he/she can register at https://jointu.popvote.hk

On-site voting

1) Present staff card at the physical voting station, cast vote after the verification by the station officer;

2) Each person can only cast one vote on-site


Annex 2: R eferendum Projects conducted by HKUPOP

活動 Event

日期 Date


People’s Referendum Scheme


7.1 模擬公投

7.1 Mock Referendum



Referendum Activity in Heng On Estate, Shatin



Project Civil Referendum Activity



Primary Election of the Democrats for Hong Kong Island Legislative Council By-Election 2007


3.23 民間全民投票

3.23 Civil Referendum Project



New Year Civil Referendum



OCLP Members Only Voting



“Constitutional Reform Deliberation Day” Voting

4 & 6/5/2014

6.20-29 民間全民投票

6.20-29 Civil Referendum



The Hong Kong University Students’ Union General Polling



The University of Hong Kong Campus Voting


POP provides technical support on verification system only