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June 12, 2014


The Public Opinion Programme (POP) at The University of Hong Kong and the Centre for Social Policy Studies (CSPS) at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University are commissioned by the Secretariat of the “Occupy Central with Love and Peace (OCLP)” to collect public opinion on Chief Executive election by means of a civil referendum. The motions of the civil referendum have been confirmed as follows:


Civil Referendum Motions


Motion 1 --   For CE Election 2017, I support OCLP to submit this proposal to the Government:
1.    Alliance for True Democracy Proposal
2.    People Power Proposal
3.    Students Proposal


Motion 2 --   If the government proposal cannot satisfy international standards allowing genuine choices by electors, LegCo should veto it. My stance is:
LegCo should veto
LegCo should not veto



Mock Motions


In order to let people get familiar with the e-voting interface, POP will open the mobile application platform for mock voting from June 13 to 18, with these two mock motions:


Motion 1 --   For the Budget of 2047, I hope to see the following colour used in the book cover:
1.    Orange red like that of an egg york
2.    Bright lemon yellow
3.    Deep navy blue


Motion 2 --   If that Budget cannot satisfy the demands of the general public made known well in advance, LegCo should veto it. My stance is:
LegCo should veto
LegCo should not veto

Mock Voting and Pre-registration


Details of the “6.22 Civil Referendum” are now available online (, while the mobile application platform of the e-voting system will be open to the public for pre-registration and mock voting. People who have pre-registered successfully can skip the SMS verification process during real voting of the “6.22 Civil Referendum”, but they must use the same mobile application and identification information. Details of the activity are as follows:

  • Time: from 1200 noon of June 13, 2014 to 2100 on June 18, 2014
  • Download URL of iOS App: (or search PopVote on App Store)
  • Download URL of Android App: (or search PopVote on Play Store)
  • Verification information: Full HKID number of the voter and a mobile phone number which can send SMS.

Registration and voting procedures:


1.     Download and open the mobile application
2.     Choose an appropriate language and read the terms of use
3.     Enter a full HKID number and a mobile phone with SMS capability
4.     Send an SMS to the displayed number
5.     Cast the vote and then confirm choices




1.    Our website voting platform which is not a mobile application does not accept pre-registration and mock voting.
2.    Electronic voting system can only be accessed by networks in Hong Kong
3.    Entering the system with the same mobile application and identity does not require verification again.
4.    The same HKID or mobile phone number can only be used once for voting, the system does not allow repeat voting.
5.    The result of the mock voting will not be announced, they are not connected to the result of the “6.22 Civil Referendum”.


Other Matters


POP has been promoting civil referendum for more than 20 years. The Director of POP Robert Chung wrote in his submission to the government on May 2, 2014 captioned “Submissions on the Consultation Methods regarding Constitutional Developments in Hong Kong” (in Chinese):


“The beauty of democracy lies not in the system itself, but in its culture of mutual respect. When confronted with mega issues, a diversified society may never have any consensus. As a matter of fact, it may not need a consensus. If it can resolve the most pressing disputes rationally, by means of a system which allows the rotation of power and policies, it would already be very nice… On top of the usual methods of government consultation, especially after many rounds of discussions, the following methods of collecting and collating public opinions should be considered: (1) Deliberative polling and (2) civil referendums. Both methods have been developed by POP after accumulating many years of experience, much earlier than the ‘civil deliberation’ and ‘civil authorization’ concepts recently discussed in the community. I am most delighted to see the development of these concepts among non-government organizations, but government bodies should also make effort to understand and use them.”


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