Arrangements for the “New Year Civil Referendum”Back

December 27, 2013

The Public Opinion Programme at the University of Hong Kong (POP) and Centre for Social Policy Studies at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (CSPS) are commissioned by the Secretariat of the “Occupy Central with Love and Peace” (OCLP) to organize the “New Year Civil Referendum”, which encourages members of the general public to express their views on the principles of CE Election, lets the public get familiar with the e-voting operation, and prepares them for the “civil authorization” of future CE Election proposals.


Robert Ting-Yiu Chung, Director of POP today at a press conference emphasized, “POP and CSPS are providing the OCLP Secretariat a professional service to organize the ‘New Year Civil Referendum’, in the hope of ensuring the fairness and impartiality of the operation, and encouraging civilized participation. POP and CSPS stay political neutral to the ‘OCLP’ Campaign per se, and the OCLP Secretariat has already pledged to give POP and CSPS full autonomy in designing and conducting the civil referendum.”


“New Year Civil Referendum” is scheduled to be held on 1 January (Wednesday) 2014, and the topic of referendum is “Principles of CE Election”, with a total of 3 propositions. The results will be announced at the Civil Human Rights Front’s Post New Year Rally Gathering. The following is the questions and an outline of the voting arrangements of the day:




Proposition 1:   The representativeness of the Chief Executive Nominating Committee should be increased.
Proposition 2:   There should not be pre-screening mechanism in the Chief Executive nomination process.
Proposition 3:   Chief Executive nomination process should include element of civil nomination.


Voting arrangements


(1) Online voting

Voting time: 1 January 2014 01:01 - 18:00

Website: “PopVote” (

Verification information: the HKID number of the voter in full, and a cell phone number for sending SMS

(2) Smartphone Application voting(Smartphone App

Voting time: 1 January 2014 01:01 - 18:00

iOS users: please download the “PopVote” application in the App Store
Android users: please download the “PopVote” application in Google Play

Verification information: the HKID number of the voter in full, and a cell phone number for sending SMS

(3) Polling station

Voting time: 1 January 2014 13:00 - 18:30

Location of polling station: Bandstand, Victoria Park, Hong Kong

Verification information: HKID card


Because of limited capacity in handling voters in the physical polling station, the event organizers encourage the public to cast their votes using personal computers or smartphones in order to spare the polling station for citizens in need. The organizers have also prepared back-up paper ballots at the polling station in order to cope with technical failure or malicious attacks on the e-voting system. Due to security reasons, voting outside Hong Kong will not be allowed.


We welcome the media to cover the voting process outside the polling station, there will be polling station staff providing support and arranging interviews.


On the event day (1 January 2014), POP will also conduct some rally headcounts, and releases the preliminary results via the “HKU POP SITE” around 2 to 4 hours after the rallies. The civil referendum and rally head-counts are two independent projects.



Media Enquiry:
  Angel Lai Tel:3917 7700
  Winnie Lee Tel:3917 7721
  Karie Pang Tel:3917 7788





Operation Plan for “3.23 Civil Referendum”


Offsite e-polling

Onsite e-polling

Voting time: 01:01-18:00 on 2014.1.1

Voting time: 13:00-18:30 on 2014.1.1

Website: PopVote (

Polling station location: Bandstand, Victoria Park

Information for verification: Identity Card Number in full of the voter and a cell phone number which can be used to send SMS

Information for verification: Identity Card


Smartphone App screenshots preview


Diagram 1. Select language

Diagram 2. Fill-in information

Diagram 3. Send SMS

Diagram 4. Cast vote


Location Map of Polling Station